Venus has entered Scorpio

Venus is transiting the sexy, sultry, transformational  sign of Scorpio. Venus represents our values. How we perceive love, money, security. Venus in Scorpio suggests power struggles, jealousy and obsession~if we move unconsciously through this transit…HOWEVER, if we realize that Scorpio is fundamentally about transformation we can utilize this powerful transit to grow. Death and rebirth are common buzz words for Scorpio. Replace obsession with intensity, jealousy with intimacy, power struggles with soul merging and you will be honoring this powerful placement. There is nothing half hearted about Venus in Scorpio, she calls for deep, meaningful interactions. Where your Natal Venus is placed will reveal how this will effect you personally~ but in general this is the time to commit to what stirs up passion from the depths of your soul, feelings are intense and raw, nothing superficial about this. Embrace what scares you, love harder, laugh louder, embrace your inner Phoenix!

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