Mars in Sagittarius

There is a collective sigh of relief as Mars the warrior finally exists Scorpio the realm of the underworld and slips into optimistic, honest, and playful Sagittarius; seeker of higher truth! While mars has spent an unusually long time backed up in Scorpio, giving the opportunity to go deep with in yourself to explore your core beliefs, looking behind the curtain as to what really touches your soul-uncovering subconscious patterns . Now is a time for action! Hopefully this deep introspective period has rendered profound insight. Go fourth and shout your truth; give freely , love deeply, and chase those rainbows.  This placement gives tremendous power for manifestation. Believe it ~ receive it, then share it!


Mercury opposing Mars 6/6/16

Mercury in Gemini (communication in purest form) is opposing Mars in Sagittarius (action involving higher truth) is an incredible opportunity to blend action and thought together. If we are able to resist the initial urge to react, get angry and especially blame our actions on the behavior of “others”   than we open a magical doorway into critical communication. Explain anger instead of acting it out. 90% of conflicts are misunderstandings! Oppositions call for a blending of energy, compromise and integration.

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