Mercury opposing Mars 6/6/16

Mercury in Gemini (communication in purest form) is opposing Mars in Sagittarius (action involving higher truth) is an incredible opportunity to blend action and thought together. If we are able to resist the initial urge to react, get angry and especially blame our actions on the behavior of “others”   than we open a magical doorway into critical communication. Explain anger instead of acting it out. 90% of conflicts are misunderstandings! Oppositions call for a blending of energy, compromise and integration.

mars scorpio

Mars Retrograde

On May 27 at 10:30 am EST Mars the God of war, action and intention will back up into Scorpio where he will stay until the evening of June 29. If we have consciously engaged in the energy so far we have re-examined and explored higher philosophies (mars retrograde in Sagittarius) , NOW is a time of true alchemy~ we must now take theory and merge with our deepest parts of being to become true masters of intention.

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