Full Moon Eclipse Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

A Full Moon brings illumination into areas of consciousness where it is time to expand. Where the Sun and Moon fall in your Natal birth chart reveal the areas of consciousness being affected for you personally.  This eclipse flavor is of self love. The Sun is the stronger energy this eclipse because the Pisces Moon is on her own South Node conjunct Chiron (basically calling for healing and releasing of past hurts/disappointments/failures/shortcomings/ETC.)  It is easy to fall into the trap of criticizing ourselves and others, however now is a time to be of service to our own journey. . Identify the wounds, acknowledge them and forgive! Everyone~Everything!   Make a plan, stick to it. The shadows of the past are behind us if we choose to utilize our life force ~ bring awareness to the dark blocks….where are you stuck? What addictions are you hiding behind? Alcohol, drugs, social media and electronics, over working, food…etc? Unplug ~ relax and bring focus to your inner child. The past is over, it served a point and now it is time to move forward, confident, strong and with a sense of joyful purpose.

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