Super Full Moon October 2016

This Full Moon promises to be full of excitement! Change is inevitable, so align yourself  with the highest vision possible of your life. Do not fight this energy. If people and/or situations crumble, let them go. Embrace this powerful flow of Universal Intelligence. The Moon is at its closest point to the earth upon this Full Moon phase, that heightens the emotional intensity; conscious awareness is crucial for navigating this transit successfully. The Moon will be in the sign of Aires, the warrior, the pioneer, new beginnings, optimism, pure creative energy. This is the I AM energy; this creates an amazing opportunity to call forth our Universal Co-creating abilities. Dream BIG! The moon will join Uranus in the heavens as well as Eris the Goddess of discord. Uranus is the Great Awakener. Lightning breakthroughs, new information; usually shocking turn of events will come to light. Choose to stay grounded and know that everything in this magical Universe is conspiring to elevate you to your highest good! Watch your temper, and be extraordinarily mindful of your words! Arguments on an epic scale could manifest if we mishandle this powerful energy. Mars (action,drive) joins Pluto (evolution, deep unconscious patters)  in Capricorn to square…That means this aspect creates tension that needs to be integrated into your psyche. Concision awareness is paramount for transformation! Embrace this time, use this window to jump in this Vortex, ride the waves like a skillful surfer, or you could feel as if you are being thrown about a stormy sea! Relationships are going to be highlighted with the Sun (essence) Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury (communication) all in balance seeking, relationship oriented Libra~ opposing The Moon (my emotions) Uranus (sudden change) compromise is the key to maintaining relationships, speak honestly and kindly. This can be a time of soul transforming communication, AGAIN IF YOU CAN STAY AWARE!

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