Psychic Astrology Reading - $100 for half hour / $150 per hour

This reading combines Natal, Transit, Solar and a Lunar Chart’s and Tarot cards. Covering all aspects of your life. Tremendous insight and guidance come from this session. This reading is great for diving into your current situation and what’s going on in your life right now and how to utilize your Natal Chart Energies successfully with the current Energies.

$100 for 1/2 hour or $150 per hour

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Natal Readings

Natal chart interpretation functions as a window into our subconscious patterns. It gives clear insight into a person’s character and reveals the unconscious patterns that lead people into certain situations. Through this reading you can expect a lot of information. We will discuss your childhood, parents, relationships, vocational calling.

We will pinpoint your strengths as well as shine the light into areas of yourself that maybe unwittingly holding you back and causing you grief. This will be an extremely enlightening and often cathartic experience!

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Transit Chart Readings

This reading is used as a lens to view what is happening now in your life. It offers a way to really harness the energies that are emerging around you. With this insight you will be able to strategize and plan for a more harmonious and successful life.

There are different cycles throughout a person’s life a Transit reading shows you exactly where you are in that life cycle and that way enlightening you as to when to have quiet reflection, gathering information and planning your next course of action, as well as when the stars are aligned for that big leap of faith. All of us quit a job, end a relationship, move get married, have families, and just basically have our human experiences, this reading really strengthens your ability to time all of these actions so we are met with the most harmonious outcomes.

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Relationship Readings - $200 for 90 minute session

Couples Chart Analysis

This reading consists of looking at two peoples birth charts and uncovering how they relate together. This reading will reveal the energies that are present between the both parties and reveal if the attraction is fleeting or may be cultivated into a lasting bond. It shows how you both would like to be treated in love and romance as well as the way you both peruse love and sex and all that goes with that. This is a great way to get to know your partner on an intimate level and to really see where the other person is coming from and how to better satisfy each other as partners.

Composite Chart

This is the merging of two people’s natal charts to form the chart of that relationship. This is an amazing technique to see the energies that are formed from two peoples union. This can be done for any two people. Usually romantic and parent/children unions are done, however it can be done with any relationship, love, family, business, neighbor, enemy, etc. Personally I believe this to be THE BEST READING for really uncovering the significance and potential of any relationship. This is what reveals the strengths, weaknesses, as well as underlying patterns that will impact this union and shows if these two people have what it takes to overcome obstacles and stand the test of time or is disillusionment and bitterness will replace hot passion and excitement. This is a must have for anyone contemplating a long term relationship!

Synastry Reading

Is the art of comparing the horoscope of two individuals, which remains one of the most popular uses of astrology. The synastry charts of any two individuals can be compared: business partners, parent/child, friends, enemies or whomever. The purpose here is to reveal how two people or more (example: families, groups) interact, and where the individuals thrive together and where they are not quite connecting. This reading is amazing at illuminating all the energies exchanged between two people, opening the relationship up to growth and further understanding. It will show the areas of life where you most significantly impact each other, either harmoniously or uncomfortably. As well as offer insight as how to bridge the gaps of misunderstandings and strengthen the bonds already existing!

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Horay Readings - $50 for one question or three questions for $125

You have Questions? Well I have answers! Horary Astrology is an amazing technique used to give incredibly accurate answers to specific questions by running an Astrology chart for that question or event. It works especially well when someone contacts YOU, either by phone or propositions you in person.
When you feel the question is particularly pressing would be the moment to write down and have the chart read for that specific time. This reading is used to uncover the motives of the people involved, show what if anything is being hidden and really save you a lot of time, money and heart ache by letting you know if this situation is destined to fail or if you should run full steam ahead.

The birth of an idea is the premise of this technique and the results are amazing! Some common questions asked are-

  • “Will this relationship be lasting and fulfilling?”
  • “Is this business going to be successful?”
  • “Will my house sell / should I make an offer on this house?”
  • “Will I get pregnant this month?”
  • “Is he/she being honest with me?”
  • “Is someone sabotaging me behind my back”
  • “Will I find my lost pet ?”

I have to say 85% of my Horary clients ask about love or money but the subject could be anything. If you come up with a question I will provide you an answer. Please feel free to contact me for further explanation. Any question is welcome, no judgment here, just guidance. I DO NOT ANSWER HEALTH QUESTIONS.

$50 for one question or three questions for $125, can be used at any time.

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