Mercury Rx in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again. This time in the sign of Virgo; one of Mercury’s ruling signs. Mercury is information, thoughts, ideas. How we assess, gather, and communicate are all Mercury functions. Gemini is the raw energy associated with Mercury~ However Virgo is the organization of information. Virgo sifts through all the static energy of Gemini to produce relevant practical information. Virgo analyzes / Gemini gathers information. Now that Mercury has entered into Retrograde motion, it is an opportunity to go back and sort out old thoughts, plans, agreements, etc. Virgo energy represents purification, service, work ~ so this phase is extremely useful for career related issues. Go back to shelved projects.  Discern, discriminate, organize, pool resources and set a practical strategy. Follow this threw with precision and you will be lead down the path of humble creation.   As always when Mercury is Rx do not panic, simply allow more time for travel. Do not wait for the last minute cross all the T’s dot the I’s. Read everything twice!


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