Venus in Sagittarius

Venus the Goddess of Love is currently wandering through the sign of freedom oriented, higher truth seeking Sagittarius! Venus in our Natal Chart represents what we value on a very personal level. How we relate to people close to us, our needs in relationships, both intimate and with close friends. Sagittarius lends an adventurous flavor to Venus, seeking higher truths, mind expanding pursuits by way of travel, both linear and actual. This adds a fun~ exciting vibe to our relationships. Venus will stay in Sagittarius until November 12, 2016. This is an opportunity to expand our daily routines, travel, take a class, learn a language~do something bold. Sagittarius adds a fiery spark to love, however it needs constant stimulation to keep the flame thriving. Flirtation, shared high ideals, exploration of mysteries are the way to ignite this flow of Spirit. This energy longs to Co-Exist together not be consumed “Don’t fence me in” is at the heart of this connection. Enjoy this lighthearted transit, make the most out of this energy by breaking out of your comfort zone. Do something daring! Chase those arrows into the great unknown, talk to people with different points of view. Observing different cultures is always mind expanding. Most importantly, have fun!

Super Full Moon October 2016

This Full Moon promises to be full of excitement! Change is inevitable, so align yourself  with the highest vision possible of your life. Do not fight this energy. If people and/or situations crumble, let them go. Embrace this powerful flow of Universal Intelligence. The Moon is at its closest point to the earth upon this Full Moon phase, that heightens the emotional intensity; conscious awareness is crucial for navigating this transit successfully. The Moon will be in the sign of Aires, the warrior, the pioneer, new beginnings, optimism, pure creative energy. This is the I AM energy; this creates an amazing opportunity to call forth our Universal Co-creating abilities. Dream BIG! The moon will join Uranus in the heavens as well as Eris the Goddess of discord. Uranus is the Great Awakener. Lightning breakthroughs, new information; usually shocking turn of events will come to light. Choose to stay grounded and know that everything in this magical Universe is conspiring to elevate you to your highest good! Watch your temper, and be extraordinarily mindful of your words! Arguments on an epic scale could manifest if we mishandle this powerful energy. Mars (action,drive) joins Pluto (evolution, deep unconscious patters)  in Capricorn to square…That means this aspect creates tension that needs to be integrated into your psyche. Concision awareness is paramount for transformation! Embrace this time, use this window to jump in this Vortex, ride the waves like a skillful surfer, or you could feel as if you are being thrown about a stormy sea! Relationships are going to be highlighted with the Sun (essence) Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury (communication) all in balance seeking, relationship oriented Libra~ opposing The Moon (my emotions) Uranus (sudden change) compromise is the key to maintaining relationships, speak honestly and kindly. This can be a time of soul transforming communication, AGAIN IF YOU CAN STAY AWARE!

Venus has entered Scorpio

Venus is transiting the sexy, sultry, transformational  sign of Scorpio. Venus represents our values. How we perceive love, money, security. Venus in Scorpio suggests power struggles, jealousy and obsession~if we move unconsciously through this transit…HOWEVER, if we realize that Scorpio is fundamentally about transformation we can utilize this powerful transit to grow. Death and rebirth are common buzz words for Scorpio. Replace obsession with intensity, jealousy with intimacy, power struggles with soul merging and you will be honoring this powerful placement. There is nothing half hearted about Venus in Scorpio, she calls for deep, meaningful interactions. Where your Natal Venus is placed will reveal how this will effect you personally~ but in general this is the time to commit to what stirs up passion from the depths of your soul, feelings are intense and raw, nothing superficial about this. Embrace what scares you, love harder, laugh louder, embrace your inner Phoenix!

Full Moon Eclipse Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

A Full Moon brings illumination into areas of consciousness where it is time to expand. Where the Sun and Moon fall in your Natal birth chart reveal the areas of consciousness being affected for you personally.  This eclipse flavor is of self love. The Sun is the stronger energy this eclipse because the Pisces Moon is on her own South Node conjunct Chiron (basically calling for healing and releasing of past hurts/disappointments/failures/shortcomings/ETC.)  It is easy to fall into the trap of criticizing ourselves and others, however now is a time to be of service to our own journey. . Identify the wounds, acknowledge them and forgive! Everyone~Everything!   Make a plan, stick to it. The shadows of the past are behind us if we choose to utilize our life force ~ bring awareness to the dark blocks….where are you stuck? What addictions are you hiding behind? Alcohol, drugs, social media and electronics, over working, food…etc? Unplug ~ relax and bring focus to your inner child. The past is over, it served a point and now it is time to move forward, confident, strong and with a sense of joyful purpose.

Mercury Rx in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again. This time in the sign of Virgo; one of Mercury’s ruling signs. Mercury is information, thoughts, ideas. How we assess, gather, and communicate are all Mercury functions. Gemini is the raw energy associated with Mercury~ However Virgo is the organization of information. Virgo sifts through all the static energy of Gemini to produce relevant practical information. Virgo analyzes / Gemini gathers information. Now that Mercury has entered into Retrograde motion, it is an opportunity to go back and sort out old thoughts, plans, agreements, etc. Virgo energy represents purification, service, work ~ so this phase is extremely useful for career related issues. Go back to shelved projects.  Discern, discriminate, organize, pool resources and set a practical strategy. Follow this threw with precision and you will be lead down the path of humble creation.   As always when Mercury is Rx do not panic, simply allow more time for travel. Do not wait for the last minute cross all the T’s dot the I’s. Read everything twice!

Venus has entered into Virgo

Venus the Planet of what we value has entered into the cautious, analytical, sometimes fussy sign of Virgo. She will stay here for three weeks. During this time matters of the heart become practical, watch for being overly critical of loved ones. Venus in Virgo has a modest energy. Nothing too flashy for her, effort and practicality prevail. Venus is in Mutual Reception with Mercury (currently in Libra). This creates an opportunity for clear communication in relationships. 

Mars in Sagittarius

There is a collective sigh of relief as Mars the warrior finally exists Scorpio the realm of the underworld and slips into optimistic, honest, and playful Sagittarius; seeker of higher truth! While mars has spent an unusually long time backed up in Scorpio, giving the opportunity to go deep with in yourself to explore your core beliefs, looking behind the curtain as to what really touches your soul-uncovering subconscious patterns . Now is a time for action! Hopefully this deep introspective period has rendered profound insight. Go fourth and shout your truth; give freely , love deeply, and chase those rainbows.  This placement gives tremendous power for manifestation. Believe it ~ receive it, then share it!

Expansion of consciousness 

The existing T-Square between Jupiter in Virgo (expanding oneself threw service to others) opposing Neptune in Pisces (the collective unconscious, all things not yet manifested) squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (Rigid philosophies) is now ignited momentarily by Mercury in Gemini. The opportunity to incorporate these energies by releasing our egoistic  need to know all the answers and to be right in our beliefs.   Open mind, open heart, non judgement and releasing attachment will open doorways to realms previously not perceived.   The mysteries of the universe are vast and beautiful, it is not any one rigid path to God. Be open to receiving insight and dismiss none. We are all connected in this web of consciousness , get out in Nature, be kind and generous, give from your heart with no expectations….watch miracles appear in your life!


Mercury opposing Mars 6/6/16

Mercury in Gemini (communication in purest form) is opposing Mars in Sagittarius (action involving higher truth) is an incredible opportunity to blend action and thought together. If we are able to resist the initial urge to react, get angry and especially blame our actions on the behavior of “others”   than we open a magical doorway into critical communication. Explain anger instead of acting it out. 90% of conflicts are misunderstandings! Oppositions call for a blending of energy, compromise and integration.

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