Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my site and get acquainted with me and what I can offer you through my interpretation of Astrology. I have been a Long Island Astrologer that has been fascinated with Astrology since I was a child. It was a calling I came into the world with. I have been a professional Astrologer for 20+ years. I have had the honor and the privilege of studying with as well as socializing with the best of the best in the Astrological community! I was born and raised in Nassau County, Long Island and that is my current home. I had ventured out to Scottsdale, Arizona and owned and operated a store where I gave readings and also gave Reiki sessions, taught and sold little gems and nick knacks. I have since found my way back to New York and I am once again practicing what I love most in the place I love most!

My goal as an Astrologer is to offer my expertise in finding your subconscious patterns and working to guide you to a place where you can express your highest level of existence. I look forward to speaking with you and getting to work with you on a very profound level.

I view Astrology as an amazing gift and tool to decode and really get deep with in a persons psyche / soul. There are countless times people say “this keeps happening to me” or I seem to attract a certain kind of partner, friend, boss, etc. Well there is a very good reason for that! We send out vibes and attract situations and people into our life to learn certain lessons and to grow as individuals. Now this is not a prison sentence because once the lesson is learned we are free to move on to the next evolutionary step in our journey! However we as humans often resist the situations we categorize as “bad”, but the secret is to embrace the lesson and release the need to change or manipulate people and circumstances and just accept some things no longer serve our higher good.

An Astrological Natal reading (an analysis of the sky at the exact moment of your birth) can offer amazing insight into how and why we do certain things, how we view life and the very people we are drawn to! Over my career as an Astrologer I have found that people may get a new partner, but their charts are chillingly similar. These patterns exist within everyone. It is so enlightening to explore the patterns of your inner sky as well as hold them up to what is happening now in the cosmos. That is called a transit reading and is wonderful for delving into what is happening now. I show all of the different readings I offer and explain how they benefit in different areas of your life under the “READINGS” tab on the home page. I am available to discuss which reading would most benefit you at the current stage you are in..

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